Main Street Dwellings

Let Us Service Your Standard Dwellings

Recommended Value Range: $75,000 to $250,000

   Main street dwellings are the largest market segment for personal lines writers. Main street homes are standard dwellings that are valued at up to $250,000.  Homes like these require inspections of the structure’s exterior. 
   Our trained, professional inspectors will submit reports to you including underwriting information, replacement cost figures, and square footage calculations.  We even take
photographs of the front and rear of the building, so you know exactly the condition of the residence.  We offer you industry standard replacement costs by Marshall and Swift and E.H. Boeckh.  All of these facts and figures will give you the insight you are looking for in an organized and timely manner.

Expect quality front and rear photos of all your main street dwellings.  You’ll actually get to see the property first hand.

Report Includes:
Front And Rear Photographs
Replacement Cost Figures
Underwriting Information
Square Footage Calculations