Class III Appraisals

We Recommend A Class III Report For Upscale Homes

Recommended Value Range: $251,000 to $399,000

   Class  III homes  usually contain  a formal dining room,  a large foyer, and several specialty rooms. The flooring may be hardwood, ceramic tile or slate, and the exterior walls could be made of wood, stucco,  brick or stone.   In  a class  III home you may also see oddly shaped, or specialty windows and shutters.  Roofs will be high pitched and covered with cedar shakes, slate, tile or copper.  Bathrooms will  have  high quality fixtures and tiled stall showers. You may even notice gold, silver or chrome plated faucets. Kitchens will likely display solid wood cabinetry and built-in appliances.

   Homes such as these obviously require a bit more detail than a standard dwelling.  That’s why we customize reports for class III homes to include more than just the replacement cost, square footage calcs, and exterior photographs. 
   Class III reports also include interior shots which illustrate the craftsmanship that comes with such a home.  Special construction techniques are also reported in great detail on a report for a class III home. With all of this added information, you will surely feel confident that you know what you are insuring. 

Report Includes:
Interior and Exterior Photographs
Detailed Construction Techniques
Square Footage Calculations
Replacement Cost Figures