VAC Potential

Insuring Valuable Articles Is A Big Part Of The Industry Today

   We at TFS know that you want all the information possible on valuable articles on the premises of homes that you insure. That’s why we report to you the existence of any valuable items found in the affluent market. Photographs log the detail and craftsmanship behind fine sculpture, oil paintings and other collectables in today’s affluent house holds. 

   Valuable Articles Coverage (VAC) is a great way to show your insured the commitment of being "their personal lines company". Our reports will provide information about creator, storage, security and display. When a collection or even several pieces are present, you will have the information necessary to deliver a more comprehensive package of coverage should the risk meet underwriting guidelines.

   Photographs log the detail and narratives describe the placement throughout the home. If your insured is a collector and happens to share these beauties with others, we will provide the details of transportation, storage and security of the facilities receiving that will be displaying these fine arts.

     If there are fine works of art or other valuable articles in a home, we want to ensure that your insurance company will be the one to cover these collectables.  Someone has to insure these articles. Why not let it be you?