Affluent Replacement Costs

Affluent Homes Call For Segregated Replacement Costs

Segregated replacement costs are imperative to the Affluent market. Interior  rooms, such as those displayed, will greatly enhance the replacement value of an  individual home. These specialty rooms should be segregated by equipment and  construction techniques.

The kitchen area in the first photo depicts Brazilian Cherrywood cabinets, black  slab granite tops and commercial grade, top-of-the-line, brushed stainless  appliances. Our report will detail these products and affix a replacement value for each item.

The media room displayed includes products installed inside the  wall. In the event of a total loss, it would be difficult and costly for this owner to remove and relocate this equipment to another location. Knowing this we provided a segregated cost  to be included in the requested coverage A.

The beautiful indoor pool shown in this multimillion dollar mansion would be extremely costly to replace in the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or other storm. 

Once you know just what you are dealing with, you can decide on premiums and coverage amounts. In case of a claim filing, you will be prepared.