Affluent Appraisals

Uncover The Hidden Treasures Of The Affluent Market

Recommended Value Range: $400,000 to $3 Million

Discover your real exposure. With our appraisal and segregated replacement cost you can be confident with your decision to insure these types of homes. In a home such as this, it is of utmost importance that the insurance company has exact, detailed records of the entire property.

Our appraisals are some of the most intricate appraisals you’ll see in the insurance business. We address issues like security and fire protection. We depict all visible valuable articles. We include information on the homeowner’s automobiles when available. We inspect and appraise all structures accompanying the risk.

Our segregated replacement cost will show you exactly what brings value to a home such as this.

The finest luxuries that money can buy are found here in the affluent market. These homes abound with class and serinity.  From enchanting living areas to glamorous baths, this style of living is definately the good life. In homes such as these, you’ll find valuable collectables and classic cars. This is your market; let us write your reports. 

Our appraisal department deals with the affluent market on a daily basis. We have been servicing the market leaders since 1984. Our extensive ongoing training enables us to remain current on techniques and products endeared to this market. This market requires reporting that will depict the craftsmanship and quality of materials, inside and out. This breathtaking market is filled with the most expensive and high quality appliances and décor available today.

Features you can expect within these homes include; curved floating stairwells, Teakwood fireplace mantles, hand carved wood paneling, intricate stonework and custom crafted floor coverings. Stained glass windows and imported roof tiles are common, as well as passenger elevators, commercial grade cooking and heating equipment.

Report Includes:
Extensive Interior Photographs
Appraisal Worksheet
Security/ Fire Details
VAC Potential
Auto Potential- Collector and High Value Regular Use
Segregated Replacement Cost