Building Valuations

Our Building Valuations Give You What You’re Looking For

    When an insurance carrier accepts coverage of a commercial risk, the insurer needs facts and photos detailing the exposure being submitted. Rather your basis is square footage, payroll or sales, our service will provide you with the necessary tools to determine placement within your infrastructure.
   A total loss perspective enables underwriting departments to mange the risk.  While maximizing the premium dollar. Not only does the insurance company want information on the business operations, safety concerns, payroll and square footage calculations, but they also need to figure out just what it would cost if there is a total loss situation on the business.
   In case of an accident, or natural disaster, the insurance company needs a means to research exactly what it would cost them to rebuild and replace the entire business. That’s where TFS comes in to play.  We can give you all the answers you’re looking for when it comes to a commercial inspection, right down to the building valuation